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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


My name  is Brittany Alexander.  I am a math major with a minor in economics at Texas Tech University.   This is the official blog of my predictions and comments for the 2016 election.  I am entering my second semester of college and I decided to start a undergraduate research project on presidential political statistics.  I will present my predictions at the Texas Tech Undergraduate Research Conference. I am a republican and I plan on voting for Marco Rubio.  I will avoid bias at all costs. This is were I set down my rules.

1.  I will not edit any posts, but I may change my predictions  in additional posts.
2.  All posts will be permalinked.
3.  All posts will be shared to my twitter @RaceTo2016Stats .
4.  I will live tweet election results on March 1, March 14, and November 8 and every primary night  I can.
5.  I will focus on the GOP nomination, because it has very interesting dynamics and will take most of my free time.  If I can I will try to get a prediction for each democratic primary too.
6.  I will read other predictions, but I will use my own math. (Combination of Bayesian and t-intervals)
7. For states without adequate polling I will use the states that already voted and/or have numerous polls, and previous elections to predict.
8. I will possibly take statistical liberty to exclude polls that I do not believe are valid.
9.  I will provide at least a weekly update.
10. All predictions for the case of tracking will be made final at 9 PM CST before the election.

My goal is to predict the republican nominee and possibly the democratic nominee.  I want a 80%  correct delegate assignment and a 90% correct prediction of leader in state polls.

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